Amateur photographer in stitches after capturing photo of puffin excreting


A HILARIOUS image posted to social media captured the exact unflattering moment a puffin relieved itself in dramatic fashion.

Sean Rooney accidentally snapped the puffin photo on Lunga Island, Argyll and Bute last Tuesday.

The 50-year-old amateur wildlife photographer captured the unique image of the bird on a boat trip from the Isle of Mull, just east of Lunga.

The poo puffin was captured by Sean Rooney on Lunga Island. (Sean Rooney)

Photos show the puffin perched on a grassy knoll on a rock with a projectile of white dung shooting from its rear.

The image shows the white stream of poo looping over the rock for a length of almost double the size of the puffin.

COO Sean posted the photo to Facebook on Monday with the caption “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

Speaking today, Sean said: “Five of us, all wildlife photographers from Manchester, have been to Mull.

“This was a trip we booked in 2019, we had to change reservations due to Covid in 2020 and thought we had to cancel this year as well.

“I got into wildlife photography three years ago and I love it. Mull is a magical place and now I have been there, I hope to return there several times.

“We were on a boat trip to Staffa and Lunga.

“I was looking for good photo compositions on Lunga Island when I saw the puffin. He was sitting on a large perch and the photo had a very crisp background.

“I couldn’t stop laughing because the moment I pressed the shutter, the bird decided to get rid of the contents of its stomach!”

Sean Rooney puffin post - photo news Scotland
Sean posted the hilarious image on Facebook.

The post now has over 100 likes, with several people showing their appreciation for the poo puffin.

Neil Biswaß said: “It’s like the runway of the space shuttle after take off.”

Pete Warden commented, “The same happened to me when I went on the sandeel diet!

Pat Pack replied, “Amazing photo!

Rachelle Stone added, “And that’s why puffin colonies are so wiffy.”

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