Director of photography Samir Kushari dies


Prominent cinematographer Samir Kushari, who has been on hundreds of memorable TV projects since BTV’s heyday, died yesterday in a hospital in the capital due to post-Covid complications.

He was 71 years old.

His wife, Jaya Kushari, confirmed the news to the Daily Star. She said the cinematographer was diagnosed with Covid-19 in early September.

Born in 1951 in Armanitola of Dhaka, Samir Kushari’s father Ronen Kushari was an Ekushey Padak laureate and esteemed radio personality.

Samir was the brilliant hand responsible for the cinematography of legendary productions like “Bahubrihi”, “Sangsaptak”, “Ayomoy”, “Eishob Din Ratri”, “Sat Samuddur” and “Pathor Shomoy”, among many others.

He started his career in 1969 with the film “Jolchobi”, as assistant director of photography to Sadhon Roy. He also played the same role in “Titash Ekti Nodir Nam” by Ritwik Ghatak.

He joined Bangladesh Betar during the 1971 Liberation War.

However, he is best known for his stint at BTV after arriving in the late 1970s, having spent more than three decades there.

He was a part of BTV’s very first 45-minute drama, which he finished in one shot. He also captured the dreaded Ramna Batamul bombings in 2001 with his camera.

In 2009 he retired as director of photography for BTV.

“He was always smiling and beaming,” said prominent actress Ferdousi Majumdar, who had worked with him in the “Sangsaptak”.

“I had never seen him lose his temper, he loved taking pictures. I will always remember him as a great human being.”

Samir Kushari’s last rites took place last night at the Kali Mandir in Rajarbag, after an official guard of honor. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter.

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