Dune cinematographer Greig Fraser seeing his work in the latest blockbuster


Zendaya plays a mysterious young woman from the inhabitants of Arrakis who looks like Bedoins. Credit:Warner bros

But the 46-year-old admitted he was apprehensive about entering Dune.

“The fear was that I was going to ruin everything,” he said. “It’s a great thing. There is a lot of Dune fans and trying to bring people’s vision to life in a really honest way is difficult. “

Before filming – much of it in Wadi Rum in Jordan, an oasis in Abu Dhabi, and a studio in Budapest – Fraser watched classic movies set in the desert and then tried to forget about them.

“We saw them, closed the book on them and said, ‘OK, we’re not going to do a Laurence of Arabia shot, ‘”he said. “We do not honor anything that has been presented to us. We try to be really original and to realize the vision of Frank Herbert.

While he won an Emmy for The Mandalorian and had an Oscar nomination for Lion – it was “quite an event” when La La Land was wrongly named winner for best picture instead of Moonlight – Fraser downplayed the importance of rewards.

“When someone likes the movie, it’s very, very, very, very, very rewarding,” he said. “I find the fun factor more important than necessarily the rewards.”

Jason Momoa in a battle scene in Dune.

Jason Momoa in a battle scene in Dune. Credit:Warner bros

This fun factor was high when Fraser watched Dune for the first time, on a giant IMAX screen in Los Angeles.

“It was pretty impressive to be in the same place where we decided to shoot the way we decided to shoot and then all the places we had been to get to that point,” he said. “I walked out of the cinema shaking …

“I’m really proud of the cinematography of this movie and I know the actors are really proud of the performances and the script is fantastic. But it’s better than all of these things put together.

A former photographer, Fraser’s filmography includes Shining star, The boys are back, Let me enter, Snow White and the Hunter, Slowly killing them and Mary Magdalene. And while he’s about to shoot the second Dune, he is wary of believing he is a Hollywood hit.

Timothée Chalamet in the role of Paul Atréides in Dune.

Timothée Chalamet in the role of Paul Atréides in Dune.Credit:Warner Bros.

“Did I succeed? “Is a really wild question,” he said. “I wouldn’t say I’ve done it before because once you’ve done it, what do you do from there?” Are you going to buy yourself a fast car? I do not know.”

Fraser said he was fortunate enough to work with brilliant directors from Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Great Britain on high quality drama.


“More than anything, my camera is capable of capturing the best performances of an actor at the director’s vision is what I’m proud of,” he said.

“I hope I didn’t because I hope to someday do it and come up with the ultimate movie where I have an interview and say, ‘I’m done, I did it, thank you very much.’

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