Neeraj Sharma Bhardwaj aka NSB Pictures becomes top cinematographer


Neeraj Sharma was born on August 31, 1997 in Uttarkashi, Uttarkhand, and grew up in Chandigarh when he moved there at the age of 10. His hobbies are film making, travel, music and meditation.

He has a great interest in exploring new things and coming up with his own really innovative ideas and started from scratch and now has a community of 1.2 million creatives on Instagram and the same on youtube.

Favorite personalities of Neeraj Sharma are Rajkumar Rao, Radhika Apte, MS Dhoni

He currently works as a fashion influencer, portrait photographer, traveler, cinematographer and editor. His strength lies in creative thinking in all situations and his beliefs indicate that one must fail at least once in order to be successful. His weakness is procrastination and overthinking. Neeraj Sharma’s story of struggle says he came from a lower middle class family, having completed basic education. He wanted to take a film or media class, but couldn’t afford it. So he got his Bcom at the University of Punjab and continued to learn photography, fashion and cinematography on YouTube.

He started a few part time jobs to pay his bills and after gaining some editing skills he worked as a freelance photo editor to buy material as he started his youtube online journey in 2015 and he got him Took 5 years to reach up to 1 million audiences on youtube but after reaching 1 million subscribers his channel was taken down due to copyright issues. This was the time when he was focusing on his Instagram and starting youtube all over again and now in 5 months he has completed 400,000 subscriptions on YouTube.

He still managed to put all of his time and effort into his job to achieve the successful position he is in today. We wish this multitasking man a future he has always dreamed of.

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