Readers’ Best Buys of the Last Year


January 4, 2021

We asked you to name your favorite photo kit – new, used or old – that you bought this year. Here is a selection of what you have purchased

Ben Burchel
I bought a Fujifilm X-T10 on a whim. I got it to see what Fuji cameras look like, especially since the X-T10 can be had for less than £200. I was really impressed, even though it’s an older camera and “only” 16MP. Nice little camera to use. I didn’t buy a lot of equipment this year, but out of this camera, a Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 and a few other items, this little Fuji was my favorite buy.

Ian Skelton
A Canon EOS R with 24-105mm L from Wex. It goes well with my EOS 5DSR and 7D Mark II. I can also share the lenses as they come with the EF to RF adapter. I wanted to try mirrorless and I’m impressed – it’s light, fast and gives me beautifully sharp images.

Nathan Barker
Of all my cameras, it’s one of the cheapest, least advanced and smallest, but it’s more powerful than so many other cameras and delivers great results. It’s my Rollei 35B. I had to have two, I love them so much.

Reece Hudson
I film more in film than in digital, with a Nikon F and F3. I appreciate that it slows me down. For digital, however, I swapped my Canon EOS R for a Nikon Z 6 so I could use my old Nikon lenses on it.

Adrian Gray
I bought a Voigtländer Ultramatic, in case it might work. I now have a rather beautiful paperweight – it’s the only camera I’ve ever seen with a rusty shutter!

precious steve
I bought a Sigma 150-600mm f/5.6-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary lens to get closer to the bird.

Dibs McCallum
I upgraded my Fujifilm X-T2 to an X-T3 and soon after switched to the new Formatt-Hitech Onyx filters. I was given a kit, tested them, then immediately bought the rest of the filters I needed to swap out my entire system. They are simply stunning.

Edward T Ross
An Olympus PEN E-PL10, which fits in my pocket. I love it.

Widjaja ferry
I bought a used Canon EOS 6D Mark I and had it converted to full spectrum infrared by Protech Photographic. It’s great with the Hoya Infrared R72. I love it.

Greg Knowles
I bought the Samyang 18mm f/2.8 FE because it’s cheap, small, light and sharp.

Stewart Wilson
An Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro with 2x teleconverter. Outstanding performance! I love it.

Stuart Green
I had been coveting a drone for a long time, then this Mavic Air 2 arrived, with proper specs and the right price range, and WHAMMO… I’m a droner now.

Sam Martin
I bought a Kodak Brownie just to watch it.

Paul Smailes
A Nikon 50mm f/1.4. Used wide open, it can turn poor lighting conditions into ideal ones. This was taken on a dull day in a forest in October.

Chris Andrews
I just got a Canon R6 and it’s already changing the way I shoot. With its wealth of information in the viewfinder and ultra-accurate live histogram, I can compose in the viewfinder with confidence. The wealth of controls, even in the default configuration, are logical and easy to find.

Mike South
A Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8. It’s a brilliant lens, I’m using it more than anything at the moment.

Stuart Stott
A Nikon 60mm f/2.8D, which I bought to use primarily in a DSLR “scanning” setup to digitize my film and slides.

Barry Alan
The original Nikon interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, the Nikon 1 V1, with 10-30mm lens. Very fun to use.

Ian Hartley
I bought a Fujifilm X-H1 and X-E3, along with 10-24mm and 18-135mm lenses.

Colin Stock
I sold a few pieces to buy a Fuji X100V. I love it, although I’m still getting used to it.

Steve Morin
I bought a Sony A7R Mark III with the 24-70mm f/2.8 GM – the deal was just too good to pass up!

Kate Yates
I bought a Fujifilm X-T30 body which, along with the Fuji 28mm pancake, became my go-to for street work and documentaries.

Paul Walker
A Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D ED – an old and heavy beauty!



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